An Embarrassment of Riches

In the last week I finished both my MBA program and Infinite Jest. The former took longer than the latter, but seriously not by much!

I’ve been stockpiling a list of reading to explore once I finished. There are a lot of inspiring people out there — can’t wait to dive into this as I get to work.

On my list:

What Matters Now: Seth Godin + a ton of great contributers

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 12.20.58 PM.png

A Brief Guide to World Domination: Chris Guillebeau

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 12.21.55 PM.png

How to Bring a Product to Market: Venture Hacks interview with Sean Ellis

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 12.21.30 PM.png

What Would Change Everything?


The 2009 EDGE annual question is out: “What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?” Given that there are over a hundred responses from the Brockman mafia of brainy third culture types so far, I decided to condense the text of every answer into a Wordle in hopes of one-stop grokking. Full size version is here.

Favorite answers after the jump: Continue reading “What Would Change Everything?”