Roden Crater

Still want to go on a road trip here.


James Turrell, Roden Crater, Arizona

“Situated near the Grand Canyon and Arizona’s Painted Desert is Roden Crater, an extinct volcano the artist has been transforming into a celestial observatory for the past thirty years. Working with cosmological phenomena that have interested man since the dawn of civilization and have prompted responses such as Stonehenge and the Mayan calendar, Turrell’s crater brings the heavens down to earth, linking the actions of people with the movements of planets and distant galaxies.”

My Bollywood Debut

While we were living in Mumbai, I got hooked up in the Bollywood scene and ended up shooting a highly ridiculous video for playback singer Kumar Sanu. The song was finally released in January 2009, and my efforts are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Kumar Sanu – Dekhun Raat Din Tere Sapne – (or as we knew it during filming, Wee Yahee Yahoo)