Clicktrance: VC edition

1. Wondering what happened to serial entrepreneur Marc Pincus, founder of — the social network I used a lot post-Friendster and pre-Facebook when I was more in the SF Burning Man world.

2. Found he sold the software and engineering of Tribe to Cisco in 2007, which I vaguely remembered, and started a casual gaming company named after his beloved, now-late dog:

3. Zynga just raised $29m on top of the $10m from last year! Who was involved in that? Kleiner Perkins, IVP, Union Square Ventures, Avalon Ventures, Foundry Group. Foundry Group? Who’s that?

4. Turns out the Foundry Group is a VC firm in Boulder doing a couple interesting things – for example, trying to accelerate the development of its native Boulder as a startup hotspot, something I’d like to see more of in Vancouver.

5. The Foundry Group also has a great series of blog posts laying out its thematic investment philosophy. In a nutshell, they are focusing on startups that solve problems in a couple different areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Implicit Web, Email, Glue, and Digital Life.

6. What time is it? Time to get back to work.

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