BCICT4C: Pacific Wild’s wireless wildlife cams

wolf cam.png

Pacific Wild is a conservation organization in Western Canada dedicated to protecting the Great Bear Rainforest region, which constitutes nearly 2/3 of British Columbia’s coastline and coastal forests stretching up toward Alaska. With their new project Pacific Wild Live, they are using innovative panoramic videocameras to document wildlife activity remotely — a great example of ICT for conservation (ICT4C).

Pacific Wild is building on two decades of experience in wildlife conservation by investing in the research and development of wireless video systems that will allow our researchers to observe and document wildlife behaviour in a non-invasive manner.

Traditional approaches to wildlife behaviour research have caused habituation to humans and displacement of wildlife in prime feeding and foraging areas. While trophy hunting and poaching remain a threat to wildlife, habituation may leave species such as wolves and bears at a disadvantage. Quite simply, it is difficult for bears and other large carnivores to differentiate between a human carrying a video camera or a gun. Additionally, coastal wildlife such as wolf, bear, cougar, wolverine, marten, and others, naturally avoid people, making it difficult to document their occurrence and behaviour using traditional techniques.

Here’s a video that explains the Pacific Wild Live project:

via Tides Canada via Renewal Partners

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