Welcome to the megacity

Nice intro to megacity life on Current. This 15 minute mini-documentary/”megapod” on life in Lagos, Nigeria, from a foreign visitor’s POV reminded me of living in Mumbai in many ways…the traffic, the masses of what I would call “subsistence entrepreneurs,” the dearth of social services and infrastructure and the various fixes that people come up with to get by. I was struck though by the threat of violence and unrest that is hinted at in the video — Mumbai by contrast feels very safe, despite similar wealth disparity, migration, and class (plus caste) issues.


I’ve been sleeping on Current, partially due to my abysmal “broadband,” but I think I might have to start watching a few more of these here…what do the kids call ’em?…”pods.” Right, now get off my lawn.

via teh bing bong

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